NewsThese Organizations Help Before, During And After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

These Organizations Help Before, During And After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Surviving breast cancer does not mean that the journey is over.

Every October the nation’s attention turns towards Breast Cancer awareness. A lot of messaging during this month of awareness seem to focus on a push for a cure not necessarily the push for survival. The ask for donations increases and a heightened visibility around breast cancer can be seen via social media. People adorn their attire with pink accoutrements, and many survivors are given a platform to tell their stories.

Sharing resources is an another level of breast cancer awareness to consider for those at risk for the disease and those coping post diagnosis. BLACK ENTERPRISE has sourced a number of organizations that are helpful and committed to tackling the challenges Black women face when dealing with the disease.
Before Diagnosis
The hope is that you and your loved ones never have to battle with breast cancer. For many that will be the case. Before we know whether or not we need to pick up our spiritual and mental armor we need to know our diagnosis. That’s where pre-screening measures like self exams and mammograms come into play. 

Donate to support free resources and programming for people affected by breast cancer., prescreening is vital.

Diagnosed While Expecting

Funding After Diagnosis 
Once diagnosed the need to strategize, research and act takes precedent.  Trips to the doctor will become the norm. The choice to prioritize your bills as opposed to your health can be tempting. Organizations like The Keep A Breast Foundation recognize the financial struggle that can arise as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis. The Keep A Breast Foundation not only raises funds for research they also help support Black women living with Breast Cancer.

Limited Treatment Options
Sometimes chemotherapy, mastectomies, and radiation are not viable treatments for breast cancer. According to Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 15% of all breast cancers diagnosed are (TNBC) Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  TNBC is resistant to conventional chemotherapy, and is closely associated with relapse progression to stage 4.  When the standard treatments for breast cancer are not viable clinical trails offer hope. Organizations like When We Trail offer education surrounding clinical trails. They also help connect Black women with organizations conducting clinical trials and testimonies from survivors.

Living Beyond Diagnosis
Surviving breast cancer does not mean that the journey is over. Dealing with the toll of such a physically taxing disease can be daunting. Survivors still endure regular check-ups, residual pain, naropathy, post-op care and a host of other things in the name of survival. Finding community can be a way to help fill information gaps and engage with a community  that understands the cost of survival. Living Beyond Breast Cancer is an organization dedicated to creating  community for those that are blessed and sometimes burdened with survival.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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