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Terry Crews Wants Us To Accomplish Our Fitness Goals By Getting Better Sleep

The shortage in sleep leads to a shortage of energy which creates a challenge in maintaining discipline for nutritious eating and the endurance needed for a productive and focused day. To combat this, Natrol joined forces with leading global fitness brand Barry’s, to empower individuals to prioritize their sleep and conquer their goals this year.

Crews served as an honorary fitness coach for a workout class in Venice, California earlier this month where he co-led a challenging workout and incorporated powerful sleep advice and insights.

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Healthy living is a natural passion for the NFL alum turned television star who is hoping to help others establish their optimal sleep routine.

“I remember when everybody was big on hydration, it was like this big thing about everybody should drink more water. And now everybody has their water bottles. They got the shakers and everything, but no one talks about sleep,” Crews told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

The “White Chicks” star recalls being forced to understand the value of sleep after working himself into exhaustion early into his television career.

“I mean, it was like TV shows, movies, ad campaigns, all this stuff. I had a whole thing that was like, ‘to be more, you got to do more.’ And that was my whole concept, but I was burning the candle at both ends and I literally burned out,” Crews explained.

After a complete burnout that included “a big migraine” and aches throughout his body, Crews went to the doctor, and they couldn’t find anything wrong. However, the doctor did tell him that he was facing exhaustion due to a lack of sleep.

“I had heard about exhaustion before. But I realized that I had been sleeping maybe four, three or four hours a night,” he revealed.

“I get so much done before 9 o ‘clock. You know what I mean? I’m already up for four hours,” he gushed.

“I’ve been getting my ideas together. It’s just amazing to me how once you really, really focus and decide to do those two to four things really, really well, how much your life will improve.”

Natrol offers a diverse selection of sleep and stress supplements, including tablets and gummies, conveniently accessible at Target, Walmart, and Amazon, as well as local grocery and pharmacy stores across the nation. Learn more about Natrol and its products on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Source: Black Enterprise

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