NewsTennessee Democrats Win Back State House Seats

Tennessee Democrats Win Back State House Seats

Get used to seeing Tennessee state Representatives Justin Jones and Justin J. Pearson because they aren’t going anywhere.

As members of the “Tennessee Three,” Jones and Pearson advanced to reclaim their seats during a special election on Aug. 3. Both faced serious opponents in heavily-favored Democratic districts which made it easy to defeat them as lawmakers are preparing to return to Nashville later in August for a special session addressing the possibility of changing the state’s gun control laws.

Jones, representing Nashville, defeated Republican candidate Laura Nelson while Pearson from Memphis, sent independent candidate Jeff Johnston home.
Pearson spoke to supporters after his win saying that he had every intention on continuing his fight regardless of his GOP colleagues trying to stop him and praised Black women for having his back.

“I think if we keep running this race, there will be victory after victory after victory,” Pearson said.
However, the work on the Democratic side needs to continue as their victories are small wins against the heavily populated Republican House.

But the two lawmakers are gloating in their wins. Shortly after declaring victory, Jones sent a tweet addressing Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton, who was the leader of his and Pearson’s expulsion.
“Well, Mr. Speaker, the People have spoken. The FIND OUT era of politics is just beginning. See you August 21st for special session,” Jones tweeted.

Well, Mr. Speaker, the People have spoken.
The FIND OUT era of politics is just beginning.
See you August 21st for special session.

Pearson piggybacked off his colleagues sentiments and took the time to state that they are just getting started.
“This is only the beginning for this Movement. We will organize, mobilize and activate to work tirelessly for the day when there are no more calls to respond to mass shootings and gun violence,” he said in a statement, according to NBC News.
“I look forward to heading back to the Tennessee state capitol Aug. 21 for the special session on gun legislation. We, the People, will march, rally and work to pass legislation.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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