SportsTaylor Swift's 'Swifties' direct hate at Travis Kelce's Black ex-girlfriend

Taylor Swift’s ‘Swifties’ direct hate at Travis Kelce’s Black ex-girlfriend

Taylor Swift (Photo credit: Bang Media)
The overzealous fanbase of Taylor Swift aimed some mean-spirited and vile comments at the Black ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce after rumors that Swift and Kelce are linked up.
Kayla Nicole got bombarded not long after Swift made a surprise appearance at the Sunday NFL game between Kelsey’s Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears.Nicole dated Kelce on and off for about five years until the relationship ran its course in 2022. Now it appears that Kelce, the tight end for the Chiefs, has moved on and may have his sights on Swift. She wreaked havoc on social media as TV cameras repeatedly panned to her while she demonstratively cheered for Kelsey in a luxury suite next to Kelsey’s mother.
Moreover, ESPN reported on Tuesday that Kelce’s jersey, already one of the NFL’s most popular, has skyrocketed 400 percent in sales since he was seen with Swift.The fact that the Chiefs thoroughly dismantled the Bears, 41-10, was completely overshadowed by the loud rumors that Swift and Kelsey are now dating.

The attention those are getting has spawned some hate from “Swifties” who pelted Nicole’s Instagram.
“Girl you okay? How are you doing with @taylorswift being next to Kelce’s mom?” One person asked sarcastically. 
“All that just to get dropped for Taylor Swift,” while a third person said “T Swift is an upgrade. You broke af.”
Others, however, have stepped in to repel the madness being perpetrated by some of Swift’s demented fans. Using sports parlance, some believe that Kelce fumbled when he broke up with Nicole and allegedly got with Swift.
“All need to stop! Tryna create beef for absolutely nothing…they’re both beautiful and talented women,” one person said.
Another opined that Kelce downgraded, saying, “He went from Jamaican hot chicken to raisins in his potato salad and that’s OK for her! But our girl Kayla is thriving and won’t stop!!”
A third person added: “The Klan rally is in your comments HEAVY. Wishing you peace sis. I hope you take a social media break”

Source: Rolling Out

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