NewsTap In! TikTok & Black Girl Ventures Launch The 'Innovate Together Grant'

Tap In! TikTok & Black Girl Ventures Launch The ‘Innovate Together Grant’

Calling all entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners and creators in the beauty, lifestyle, and consumer sectors!

Last year, TikTok announced an investment of $1M to support the work of Black Girl Ventures to increase access to financial and social capital for Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Now, the social media platform and BGV have launched the “Innovate Together Grant Program.” This transformative initiative aims to empower success, offer financial support, and enable businesses to work with creators, according to a press release provided to BLACK ENTERPRISE. The program was also designed to “redefine success by fostering innovative collaborations, amplifying brand reach, and building lasting legacies.”

“Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators are invited to apply for funding to connect with creative experts to execute creative services for business growth. (Think anything from content creation, a marketing strategy for TikTok, video production, and more. The possibilities are endless),” as encouraged in the release.
“Creators, creatives and marketing experts– encourage a business to apply as a pathway to collaboration.”

Facilitate collaboration between visionary business minds and influential content creators by empowering entrepreneurs to collaborate with skilled creators for creative services that enhance storytelling and authentic connection.

Provide financial support to small businesses and creators by providing a $50,000 grant pool to fuel innovative partnerships.

Assist small businesses in scaling and reaching new audiences by leveraging creative marketing and influencer partnerships to expand their reach and impact.

Support a variety of business sectors by encouraging applications from diverse industries, including culinary endeavors, fashion startups, and tech marvels.

@blackgirlventures Apply at the link in bio! #InnovateTogetherGrant #TikTokPartner ♬ original sound – Black Girl Ventures

Don’t miss your chance! Good luck!

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Source: Black Enterprise


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