NewsTameka Foster Says Wendy Williams Started 'Negative Press Run'

Tameka Foster Says Wendy Williams Started ‘Negative Press Run’

Tameka Foster is recalling the first “negative press” she received that allegedly caused a downfall in her career thanks to Wendy Williams.

Tameka Foster recalls the first “negative press run” she experienced that allegedly caused a downfall in her career, thanks to Wendy Williams.

The “Bold and Boujee” star appeared on The Breakfast Club on Thursday, April 11, where she reminded Charlamagne Tha God about their first encounter on Wendy Williams’ old radio show. It was a memorable experience for Foster, who credits the interview with starting a downward spiral in her public persona.

Foster recalled how excited she was to get invited on Williams’ show and talk about her job as a celebrity stylist. However, she ended up getting kicked out of the studio for not divulging the celebrity insider information Williams was after.

“As soon as I got there, she was like ‘So is so-and-so gay? And does dah dah dah get along with their mom’” Foster said of Williams. “She started asking about all of my clients.”

“So she went right in with those questions, and my face was like,” Foster continued, showing a surprised expression.

When Jess Hilarious told Foster that she should’ve researched how Williams conducts her interviews, she admitted to being unprepared and assuming the interview would be positive. Eventually, she was kicked out of the studio for not spilling the tea to Williams’ liking.

“She was like ‘there’s the door honey,’” Foster alleged of Williams.

Foster shared that the interview experience led to other media “jumping on the bandwagon” to blast her in the press. However, the reality star has used the negative experiences to empower others in her new book, “Here I Stand.” While it shares the title of a song and album from her ex-husband Usher, Foster says the book is all about perseverance and rising from the ashes of adversity.

Source: Black Enterprise

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