NewsSuge Knight Accuses Akon Of Raping A 13-Year-Old Girl

Suge Knight Accuses Akon Of Raping A 13-Year-Old Girl

In a report by Vibe, Suge Knight accused Akon and producer Detail of sexually assaulting two teenage girls on his Collect Call with Suge Knight podcast on Oct. 29. Akon has vehemently denied these allegations, calling them a “lie” and expressing his wish for Knight’s well-being.

In a statement posted on X on Sunday, Knight addressed the allegations against Akon and Detail, describing them as “sad and embarrassing.” Akon responded to a clip from Knight’s new Collect Call podcast, shared on social media on Oct. 28, by stating, “The world knows a lie when they hear it. It’s unfortunate that this man is going out like this. It’s sad and seriously embarrassing.” Despite their differences, Akon emphasized that he would continue praying for Knight.

The accusations made by Knight involve allegations that Akon allegedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl and Detail abused a 12-year-old girl. According to Knight, the 13-year-old was the younger sister of one of his female associates, and the 12-year-old was the best friend of the other minor.

Knight shared the details of the alleged incidents in the podcast clip. He explained that one of his associates, referred to as his “homegirl,” had her little sister (13 years old) and her best friend (12 years old) with her. They were in a car together, heading to meet Akon and Detail, who had invited them. Knight continued, “She said, ‘I got my little sister and her best friend with me.’ I said, ‘Well, then stop by for a second.’ She goes by your hotel to your room, and she gets a call from the men she met at the hotel.”

In his account, Knight alleged that Akon persuaded his “homegirl” to leave the two minors in the hotel room while she went to meet with a client. Knight said, “You, Akon, said, ‘Go ahead. You can leave your little sister and her friend right here. We can order them something to eat.’” According to Knight, it was during this time in the hotel room with Akon and Detail that the alleged sexual assaults occurred. He claimed that when the girls returned, they were visibly frightened and in tears.

Knight explained that the “homegirl” initially wanted to take legal action against Akon and Detail, but he convinced her not to involve the police, promising to handle the situation himself.

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