NewsStudents At Atlanta High School Earn Over $20M in Scholarships

Students At Atlanta High School Earn Over $20M in Scholarships

The school serves students from one of the city’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

At the high school, students can take courses for post-secondary study, making them competitive applicants for colleges and universities. As the first Early College Program in Georgia, the courses also prepare students for the rigor of higher education.

Students from this year’s graduating class have received full rides to top schools, including senior Herman McGhee. He attributes his Carver education as paving the way for his full scholarship to Duke University.

“Never give up on your dreams. Life is going to be hard. That’s how it’s supposed to be – especially for African American students,” said McGhee, as reported by 11Alive. 

The high school has created possibilities for its student body, as the majority come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result of high standards and commitment to the lives within each classroom, Carver built a pipeline of progress for graduates.

“Carver Early College is located in one of the most impoverished communities in the city of Atlanta,” said Principal Dr. Christina Rogers. “And so there may not be an awareness of the greatness that does still happen when we put education on the forefront.”

She added, “Our graduating class has a theme: from adversity to achievement. And each and every one of them has really embraced adversity, and they have overcome every single obstacle to realize that achievement was theirs from the very beginning.” 

“There are a lot of opportunities here. The fact that it’s a small school adds to its appeal. Everyone knows your name. All of the students have their doors open,” explained Judith Yelibora, who received a scholarship to Georgia Tech. “All you have to do is ask questions, put yourself in those positions, and you will be set up for life.”

Source: Black Enterprise

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