NewsStormi Steele Finds Success With Body Glaze On TikTok Shop

Stormi Steele Finds Success With Body Glaze On TikTok Shop

Stormi Steele, CEO and Founder of Canvas Beauty Brand and star on OWN’s “Love and Marriage Huntsville” is making waves in the beauty industry once again with her latest creation, Body Glaze.

The new Canvas Beauty product went viral on TikTok over Labor Day weekend and became the platform’s fastest-growing product and creator brand. Speaking exclusively with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Steele explains how TikTok aided in her latest financial success.

“One of my gifts, I can make content that converts,” she tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “I’m very good at telling people and showing people in content and video format why they need a product, what it does, and getting them excited about it.”

After introducing Body Glaze to TikTok Shop, hundreds of creators flocked to showcase the product which resulted in tens of millions of views for Body Glaze across the platform. It’s a new way Steele has reached consumers but not new to her innovative approach to marketing her self-made beauty products.

All the while, she’s become a standout on “Love and Marriage Huntsville” with an unapologetic approach to handling business while demanding respect from her peers. Season 6 saw her bump heads with Marsau and LaTisha Scott after participating in their Black Business Expo.

Her husband Courtney Beasley soon got involved and exchanged a few words with Marsau, which further ignited their feud. But despite all the drama on the show, Steele focuses on the representation and inspiration she provides to women and young girls.

“I’m more so focused on who I want to represent for, and I want to represent girls who are from no-stop towns like me who didn’t think like even having the opportunity to do something of this capacity was even possible,” she says.

“I just keep my mind on that and as far as getting into it with my personal life and stuff and making a decision to do it I don’t I don’t regret it. I feel like it’s all good I’ve been through the fire of the other side of Love and Marriage.”

Press play below to learn more about Stormi’s success with her Body Glaze on TikTok Shop and how she prepared for the “Love and Marriage Huntsville” Season 6 reunion she filmed that day.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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