NewsSteve Harvey Interview With Keke Palmer Pops Up Amid Shaming Outrage

Steve Harvey Interview With Keke Palmer Pops Up Amid Shaming Outrage

The dating advice Steve Harvey gave Keke Palmer about “trying to give a boy your lifestyle” has resurfaced amid the backlash her baby daddy is receiving for publicly criticizing her.

Keke’s boyfriend Darius Jackson has been trending on social media after he took to Twitter to criticize Palmer’s recent appearance at Usher’s Las Vegas residency where she was serenaded by the singer while wearing a revealing dress.

Usher serenades Keke Palmer 😍✨

Jackson has been under fire after sharing a tweet expressing his distaste for Palmer’s outfit since “you a mom.”

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend shames her for the outfit she wore to Usher concert:
“It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom.”

Jackson doubled down on his stance in a follow-up tweet explaining why he doesn’t want the mother of his child showing “booty cheeks to please others.”

Keke Palmer shares photos of herself at the Usher concert after her boyfriend publicly shamed her for her outfit choice.

Palmer’s boyfriend, whom she welcomed her son Leodis Jackson with in February, hasn’t caught a break on social media among the many who are defending Palmer’s behavior, outfit, and response to her appearance at Usher’s residency.

“Uncle Steve ain’t trying to get you with no billionaire. He’s trying to get you with somebody that has a plan to have something,” Harvey said.
“You need somebody with something,” he continued. “Quit trying to give a boy your lifestyle and he ain’t earned it.”

the whole debacle with the Usher, Keke Palmer & her jealous boyfriend/baby daddy reminds me of her when she flat put chuckled past Steve Harvey’s attempts to get her with a worthwhile guy.
Now her lower earning bf is trying to control her like she claimed a wealthy man would.

Palmer attempted to defend why she might choose to date someone with less money and even noted that she herself is no billionaire. However, Harvey told Palmer that she should pick a man who aspires to be one.
Now, amid the backlash Palmer’s boyfriend is receiving, many are accusing Jackson of being just the man Steve Harvey was trying to get Keke to avoid.
“I hate to agree with Steve Harvey of all people, but..” one user wrote.
“What you cannot hear, you must feel,” added someone else.
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