NewsSteph And Ayesha Curry Make $50M Investment In Oakland Kids

Steph And Ayesha Curry Make $50M Investment In Oakland Kids

The start of a new school year can look different depending on the area.

For some students, a new school year means showing off new clothes and another chance to be at the top of the class. In areas of students less fortunate, it’s a struggle. Thankfully, four-time NBA champion Steph Curry and his wife, New York Times best-selling author Ayesha, have used their success to make sure those underprivileged students aren’t left behind.

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“An empty stomach is hard to instill learning,” Steph admits.
“There’s a lot of data on the success of that but also the inaccessibility for a lot of students in terms of providing support for their educational journey.”

“To be at this point where you can take the learnings, the successes and identifying what the true need is, it’s exciting to know that we can elevate their school experience,” Steph said.
“We’re looking to support initiatives already in place and continue to galvanize hope and inspiration that we can be a part of changing kids’ future.”

Courtesy of Eat. Learn. Play./Noah Graham for Getty

The work partners’ most recent project put smiles on students’ faces at Lockwood STEAM Academy in East Oakland after Eat. Learn. Play. and Workday provided a remodeled schoolyard. Lockwood is a small testimony of what can happen when you end playspace inequity. Workday CEO and Co-Founder Aneel Bhursi, along with the Currys, fund the foundation of the playground, and Workday employees come in to clean up, which he says were in pretty bad shape beforehand.
“The play part has been a great way to engage our employees,” Bhursi said.
“It helps build community and gets Oakland back on track.”

“From there, the goal would be for other organizations and other people to take this model that we put together and proven works and implement it in their communities,” Ayesha said.
“When it comes to the kids, it really does take a village.”
She continues to say that her mindset on expansion starts with change.
“When it comes to expansion, the way we’ll do that is advocating for policy change,” Ayesha said. “That’s where we will see the most impact. We’ve started to do that and found it to be very beneficial.”
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Source: Black Enterprise

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