NewsStatus Of Black Women And Girls Series Closes With Youth Summit

Status Of Black Women And Girls Series Closes With Youth Summit

The week-long series explores how Black women and girls have been targeted, silenced and displaced in education, health, Hollywood, and more.

“The disregard of Black women and girls’ isn’t just the outcome of racism or sexism — it’s a part of a larger, coordinated assault on civil rights and democracy,” said AAPF Co-Founder and Executive Director Kimberlé Crenshaw. “Black women have become the most visible targets of the war on ‘woke’ that has unleashed a fury of attacks against anti-racism in various industries. From the questioning of Black women’s knowledge and leadership in academia to the dismantling of DEI positions held by Black women at corporations — Black women have been targeted, silenced, and displaced.”

From March 25-29, this year’s series called attention to these injustices. The week of events centered on Black women’s stories and and acknowledged the advocacy efforts that Crenshaw said “have been weaponized to curtail” their rights. This year’s programming included five events:

Ida B. Wells Symposium: VISION: America’s Tug of War for Racial Equality Broadcast

#SayHerName: An Artivism & Advocacy Book Club

“In the Bullseye of the Backlash” Panel

“You Carry the Dream: Reclaiming Rest & Resilience” Self-care Event

Youth Leadership Summit

This year’s series offered ticket-holders in-person and virtual options.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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