NewsStarbucks Debuts New Cup Collection For Black History Month

Starbucks Debuts New Cup Collection For Black History Month

Starbucks has released its new designs in celebration of Black History Month, in collaboration with Black artist Damon brown.

Starbucks is starting off the commemoration of Black History Month with its new collection of cups. For the designs, Damon Brown is bringing the corporation of Black figures to the forefront of the inspired assortment. 

According to Starbucks Stories, Brown’s inclusion is part of the coffee chain’s Artists Collaboration Series, innovating its longstanding designs for its signature cups owned by its many enthusiasts. While diverse artists utilize their creative passion to amplify events such as Pride Month, this year will commence their first designs for the Black community. 

Brown, whose artistic name is Creative Lou, inserted the colors significant to the Black community in his depiction of Black people. Remaining true to Starbucks’ brand while promoting pops of sky blue and cream, these designs are a highlight of Black community members taking the main focus, especially in a contemporary fashion. 

“An intentional play on the classic color palette of red, black and green that you may typically see represented in Black art or during Black History Month — to make it more modern and purposeful,” explained Brown on his creation. 

“My goal for this collection was for it not to feel that it’s one month only — but taking it farther and giving you something more artistic that can be enjoyed and celebrated beyond February — when it should be every day for us. 

Source: Black Enterprise


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