NewsSouthwest Airlines Gain Praise From Plus-Sized Influencers

Southwest Airlines Gain Praise From Plus-Sized Influencers

Southwest Airlines’ “customer of size” policy is earning praise from plus-size TikTok Influencers, who laud the airline for providing more comfort.

Southwest Airlines’ “customer of size” policy is earning praise from plus-size TikTok influencers, who laud the airline for providing more comfort and accessibility for larger passengers. The policy allows passengers whose bodies extend beyond the armrest to request an additional seat at no extra cost, according to The New York Post. The airline’s approach is seen as a positive step in addressing the challenges faced by those who might otherwise experience anxiety when flying due to size-related concerns.

Under Southwest’s policy, passengers can purchase one seat and discuss their seating needs with the Customer Service Agent at the departure gate. If it’s determined that an additional seat is required, the passenger is accommodated with a complimentary seat. The airline encourages customers to purchase extra seats in advance to ensure availability and proactively notify them of special seating needs.

@kimmystyled How to use @southwestair customer of size policy. Southwest is the only airline that allows you a second seat at no extra cost even if the flight is FULLY booked. You HAVE to use it at the departing gate when you start your journey. If you don’t use it going out you cant use it flying back. Go to the departing gate agent and kindly ask them to use the customer of size policy. I’ve done this a dozen times and never had an issue or been denied. They will print you a new ticket + a second ticket to put down on your free seat. You will also be allowed to pre board! Enter the aircraft, get your seatbelt extender, and grab your seat! I place the ticket in the seat next to me. I always take the window seat. If anyone tries to sit it in I kindly let them know I have two seats booked. To be honest I almost never get approached because no one wants to sit in the middle seat next to a fat person on a plane 🙃. I’ve heard from others sometimes southwest will just put customer of size in your account so anytime you approach the main ticket gate you’ll get both your tickets at once but this hasn’t happened to me yet. I think this has to do with how “visibly fat” you are. Public airplanes are public transportation and should be accessible and comfortable for us all. I applaud @southwestair for being the only airline with a fair and humane way of flying fat passengers with dignity. We shouldn’t have to pay for two seats. Seats should be larger for all people including tall and pregnant passengers. Since airlines got deregulated it’s been an ADA nightmare. Airlines should also allow wheelchairs in the cabin esp power wheelchairs. This is an access issue at the end of the day and discriminatory to fat and disabled customers. #southwest #southwestairlines #customerofsize #customerofsizepolicy #plussize #plussizetravel #traveltips #plussizetraveltok #traveltok ♬ original sound – Kimmy

Kimmy, a self-described “fat solo traveler,” went viral with a video explaining how she used the program. She highlighted Southwest as the only airline that allows a second seat at no extra cost, even on fully booked flights. She shared her positive experiences, emphasizing the policy’s ease of use and the benefit of preboarding.

Jae’lynn Chaney, a plus-sized travel expert, praised Southwest’s policy for making air travel more comfortable and accessible for all, including fat and disabled individuals. She emphasized that the policy helps offset the disproportionate costs incurred by larger passengers, addressing both physical and financial accessibility.

However, not everyone has had a positive experience. A TikTok user shared her opposition, claiming she and her teenage daughter and friend were kicked off a flight in June due to an alleged overbooking caused by an oversized person not purchasing a second ticket. The incident raised concerns about the impact on passengers who may face inconveniences due to the policy.

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