SportsSimone Biles' husband 'unbothered' by backlash for saying he's 'the catch'

Simone Biles’ husband ‘unbothered’ by backlash for saying he’s ‘the catch’

Jonathan Owens, an NFL player and the husband of record-breaking gymnast Simone Biles, remains “unbothered” after a brutal backlash for saying he’s “the catch” in their relationship.
Owens, who now starts for the Green Bay Packers, was buried under a landslide of negative reactions to his appearance on the critically acclaimed “Pivot” podcast headed by former NFL star Ryan Clark.

When Owens was asked by co-host Channing Crowder, “How in the hell did you pull Simone Biles?”, Owens admitted he “didn’t know who she was” back in 2020 when they first connected via the Raya dating app. “I’m like, ‘Lemme see who this is.’ I never really paid attention to gymnastics, so it piqued my curiosity.”
Owens quickly learned that Biles, 26, was much more famous than he’d known. “The first thing that I saw was that she just had a bunch of [Instagram] followers. So in my mind I’m like, ‘Okay, she’s gotta be good,’ ” Owens told Clark. Owens got fans livid when he admitted he didn’t know who Biles was and never paid attention to gymnastics before he met up with her.
Owens said that Biles was the one who reached out to him to begin the communication and then drove the 45 minutes from suburban Houston to meet up with him.
“Then the rest is history,” he said. 
The footballer further angered fans when he said he was “the catch” despite her worldwide fame, acclaim and record-breaking exploits in the field of gymnastics.
“I always say that the men are the catch,” and that he “was fighting” against his natural feeling of being ‘afraid to commit’ at that point in his life.”
This sparked a dizzying array of angry responses from sports enthusiasts and pop culture alike.
“😂😂😂 don’t even have 1M likes but he the prize? I’m confused,” one person said on Owen’s Instagram page, while another said, “Women are the prize regardless we turn everything into something … she can make another you negro!!!! 🤰”
A third person opined “Guys look it’s Simone Biles and some guy.”
Owens is undeterred from his stance and said on his IG post “Unbothered 😂❤️ Just know we locked in over here 🤞🏽.”

Source: Rolling Out


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