NewsShanquella Robinson’s Family Will Pursue Lawsuit Against So-Called Friends

Shanquella Robinson’s Family Will Pursue Lawsuit Against So-Called Friends

The woman alleged to be beating Robinson was identified as Daejhanae Jackson

The family of Shanquella Robinson, the 25-year-old Charlotte woman who was severely beaten to death while on a vacation in Mexico, will file a formal lawsuit against the six people they feel are responsible, Newsweek reports.

“The lawsuit will be against the six travel mates including the three who lied by omission by failing to disclose that someone had been beating Shanquella prior to her death,” said Sue-Ann Robinson, the family’s lawyer.

“As a result of the investigation, a warrant was issued for Daejahnea Jackson by Mexican Law Enforcement, one of the six travel mates who fled to the United States after Shanquella was pronounced dead,” the letter read.

“Ms. Jackson was identified as the perpetrator of femicide against Shanquella Robinson, a homicide based on gender.”

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office decided to forego criminal charges in the case in April; citing insufficient evidence of any wrongdoing. Based on the results of the autopsy and after a careful deliberation and review of the investigative materials by both U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution,” a statement from United States Attorney Dena King and the FBI said at the time.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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