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Sabrina Elba Opens Up About What It’s Like Working With Her Husband, Idris

Sabrina Elba said working beside her famous bae posed a “big learning curve.”

On day one of Beautycon LA, Sabrina got candid about her experience working with her husband, Idris, on their S’ABLE Labs skincare line.
“It’s not a perfect tie-in, but we’ve definitely developed ways of working together,” she told People. The 35-year-old entrepreneur presented a clean spread for the S’ABLE brand and appeared on a panel during Saturday’s event.

“We started a podcast to kind of see how other people were doing it, and we learned so much,” she revealed. “I think it’s having correct boundaries and understanding that, like, you know, finding work is not the same as finding a date night. There are appropriate avenues—work hours, for instance, that’s been a big learning curve for me.”

“Self-care is such an important thing in partnerships and relationships—when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re able to share that with other people, and it’s infectious,” Sabrina said. “I feel like we’ve forgotten about that because we’ve been so isolated. We want to remind people to share that good energy.”

The Elbas emphasize the power of partnerships and relationships through their “melanin inclusive” brand, which features products formulated with African botanicals and powered by contemporary science. S’ABLE products have been developed with “ubiquitous ingredients” that have maximum effect on the skin and minimal impact on the planet.

Sabrina joined several A-list beauty, fashion, and entertainment icons this past weekend for Beautycon LA’s return after a four-year hiatus from its Los Angeles roots.

Source: Black Enterprise


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