SportsRussell Wilson claps back at Future with a simple picture

Russell Wilson claps back at Future with a simple picture

Ciara and Russell Wilson (Photo credit: Bang Media)
Future wanted to get petty, so Russell Wilson subtly returned the favor.
On July 14, Future released a song with Quavo titled “Turn Yo Clic Up,” and dropped a line that appeared to be about Wilson.“Big dog status, bill hopper. I ball in his mall for my brothers. Goyard bag, tote the Corduroy, I got it out the field, f— Russell,” Future said.

Future Disses Russell Wilson 🏈 on New collaboration with Quavo “Turn Yo Clic Up” 😳
— StreetsSaluteHipHop (@streetssalute1) July 14, 2023

Wilson is currently married to Ciara, who has a child with Future. The Atlanta artist has expressed his feelings about the couple on a number of occasions but has also said there are no problems between them.A week after the diss, the Denver Broncos quarterback posted a picture on Twitter with his stepson, Future Zahir, walking on a football field.

Best part of the day #DadLife
— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) July 20, 2023

“Best part of the day #DadLife,” Wilson said in the caption.
Many social media users believed that Wilson was taking a shot at Future with the picture.

Hate to say it, but no matter how many times Future disses Russell, he’s actually a way better father to his step-son than he’ll ever be.
— Wothi Ngcolosi (@SpheBhengu) July 21, 2023

Folks are being weird but as someone who was raised by their (step)dad you want them to treat you like you are theirs, especially if you have siblings. Being singled out or treated differently isn’t something any parent should want for their children. A good stepparent is a win.
— Daric L. Cottingham, M.A. (@DaricCott) July 21, 2023

Russell Wilson every time Future sends a shot at:
— Lover girl 💗 (@Fiyasohollywood) July 20, 2023

Russ be firing back at Future in the most wholesome way lol
— JB (@JBlake_) July 20, 2023

Source: Rolling Out


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