NewsRussell Westbrook Vows To Construct 180 Affordable Homes In South Los Angeles

Russell Westbrook Vows To Construct 180 Affordable Homes In South Los Angeles

Renowned NBA star and Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook is making waves on the basketball court and leaving an indelible mark on the community that raised him. According to Essence, the nine-time NBA all-star, known as “Mr. Triple Double,” recently announced his commitment to building 180 affordable homes in South Los Angeles, a community close to his heart.

Westbrook, a South L.A. native, took to Instagram to share this significant development that extends beyond a mere financial investment. The project is set to take shape on a plot that holds historical significance, as it was a site of extensive destruction during the civil unrest in South Los Angeles following the brutal beating of Rodney King by LAPD officers on March 3, 1991.

The initiative, named the Evermont Project, is a collaborative effort, with Target as a key partner. The development will provide affordable housing and feature community-centered businesses, fostering a holistic approach to community development. In a video posted on Instagram, Westbrook shared the vision behind Evermont alongside City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Elle Perrault from the Vermont Knolls Resident Association, and Pastor Jeffrey Lewis from New Antioch Church of God.

“‘Evermont’ stands tall as a beacon of collaboration between the city, county, local, and business communities. This represents a thriving example of what happens when we come together, fostering empowerment and driving the positive change that this community has been waiting for,” Westbrook stated in the video.

The announcement comes as the city approaches the 32nd anniversary of the Rodney King beating, a pivotal moment in history that brought attention to systemic injustices faced by Black communities. Westbrook’s initiative signifies a transformative step toward rebuilding and empowering the South L.A. community.

City Councilman Harris-Dawson praised Westbrook’s commitment, saying, “Russell Westbrook is not just investing in housing; he is investing in the future of South Los Angeles. The Evermont Project will not only provide affordable homes but will also create a vibrant community with opportunities for local businesses to thrive.”

Westbrook’s Evermont Initiative reflects his dedication to making a lasting impact on the community that shaped him. It showcases the potential for positive change when sports figures use their influence to uplift and empower marginalized communities.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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