NewsRihanna Shares Desire To Braid 2 Sons' Hair With Vogue China

Rihanna Shares Desire To Braid 2 Sons’ Hair With Vogue China

The singer told Vogue China braided hair is “a tradition left by our ancestors,” so she immediately wanted to braid Rza’s and Riot’s hair.

As the muse for Vogue China‘s April issue, singer and business mogul Rihanna, shared her desire to connect her sons to her roots with braids.

As a long-time avenue for self-expression and creative exploration, braided hairstyles have taken on a deeper meaning for the Fenty Beauty founder since becoming a mother. According to Vogue China, the 36-year-old entrepreneur’s perspective on hair has been reshaped by her newfound maternal role as well as an enhanced appreciation for the rich cultural heritage behind braiding traditions from diverse regions and communities around the world. This broadened understanding is partly influenced by her partner A$AP Rocky’s keen interest in the subject.

“This is a form of protection of our roots, and a tradition left by our ancestors… [it] makes us realize where we’ve come from,” Rihanna told Vogue China‘s Editor-in-Chief Margaret Zhang. “This is our lost history. I immediately wanted my children to have their hair braided… it’s something in our blood.”

The “Diamonds” singer’s April cover with Vogue China is a spread that embodies individuality through a range of cultural lenses. “When I learned that Rihanna’s co-curation of the issue was centred around beauty in individuality, I had to consider what else I could add to that conversation as an imagemaker,” photographer Hailun Ma said, according to the magazine’s Instagram page.

As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Rihanna discussed mothering her two sons with rapper A$AP Rocky: Rza, 1, and Riot, 7 months.

“The most beautiful thing… is that [children] come into the world with their own individuality and sincerity, without any logic or conformity, which usually makes you feel that you must fit into a certain group,” the mother of two explained. “It’s really beautiful to see and I want to continue to help them navigate that and make sure that they know they can be whoever they want to be… they should embrace it completely, because it’s beautiful, and it’s unique. I love them just that way.”

Rihanna mentioned how she is making her parents proud by living her dream.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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