NewsRev. Lee Michaels Announces Retirement After 40 Years On Radio

Rev. Lee Michaels Announces Retirement After 40 Years On Radio

As for when he got his start, Michaels originally had plans to be on the radio in a different capacity, opting to pursue a singing career when he was a child. Growing up in the Perkins Homes housing development, known as “The Bottom” by natives, Michaels never let his socioeconomic factor thwart his goals. After a failed singing group, the performer sought out radio years later.

After stints in the Air Force and studying computer management at Coppin State University, a coincidental exchange with a radio producer exposed Michaels to the industry he would find his footing in. He changed his major and school instead to pursue radio at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland but left soon after receiving a job at WCEM/WESP-FM.

However, the words of a television evangelist inspired Michaels, leading to a call from gospel radio host Rev. Naomi Durant to take on the afternoon slot at the city’s new gospel station, WBGR.

“I went and washed my face. It felt too surreal; I needed to make sure I was awake,” Michaels said. “In that moment before I accepted, what came to mind was I believe that God heard me when I prayed, and he sent me my answer.”

For his last show before retirement, listeners nationwide called in to thank Michaels, who has inspired them for generations.

“You’ve just been one of those people you can turn to, whether you have something weighing on you or something great happening,” shared a country music radio host and fan of Michaels, Laurie DeYoung. “You always have the right words at the right time.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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