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Rev. Jesse Jackson Names Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III President and CEO of Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III (Photo provided)

The incomparable Rev. Jesse Jackson has named social justice pastor Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III the new successor of Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Jackson established Operation PUSH in 1971 as a way to promote and amplify employment opportunities for Black communities across the United States. He later launched the National Rainbow Coalition in 1984 with the goal of protecting, defending, and gaining  equal rights for all Americans, according to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. It eventually merged with PUSH in 1996.

“Rainbow PUSH has been the organizational vehicle that he has driven in the movement for justice. I am honored and humbled that he has “tapped” me to serve as his successor as the President and CEO of this great organization.”

From leading protests and demonstrations and serving as a voting super center to providing food and decreasing crime, Haynes is far from finished. He continues to create positive and lasting change in the community with the Friendship-West Baptist Church.

“Sadly, justice and human rights are under attack in the nation and around the world. The work of Rainbow PUSH is as necessary as ever and I am committed to standing on the shoulders of Rev. Jackson and continuing the fight for freedom, peace, equity, justice, and human rights,” said Haynes, per the press release.
In addition, Haynes teaches college courses and workshops at Paul Quinn College, Texas Christian University, McCormick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and other institutions of higher learning.

Source: Black Enterprise


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