NewsRecruiter Unveils Salary Negotiation Hacks For Job Seekers

Recruiter Unveils Salary Negotiation Hacks For Job Seekers

A recruiter is turning the tables with negotiation hacks, offering practical advice on how job seekers can leverage pay range information.

According to NBC News, Chanelle Howell, a 31-year-old recruiter based in New York City, is turning the tables with negotiation hacks, offering practical advice on how job seekers can leverage pay range information to their advantage in a landscape where transparency in salary information is increasing, Howell, drawing from her extensive experience working for prominent firms like Goldman Sachs and Bridgewater Associates, shares valuable insights on effective negotiation strategies.

Howell advises candidates to weave these criteria into their interview discussions, emphasizing their skills and accomplishments that align with the higher end of the salary spectrum. According to Howell, the key is to consistently highlight these qualities throughout the interview process, building a compelling case for why the candidate deserves the top-tier salary.

As negotiations progress, Howell’s hacks encourage candidates to leverage the information gathered during the interview. By quoting the hiring manager’s own words, candidates can articulate why they merit a higher salary, aligning themselves with the expectations set for top-paid candidates.

Even in regions where pay range disclosures are not mandatory, Howell suggests referencing the growing trend of transparency and expressing a desire for similar openness: “Given new pay transparency laws, a lot of companies are sharing pay ranges with candidates. Can you share the range for this role?”

In situations where the salary range appears overly broad, Howell recommends asking what distinguishes a candidate at the top of the range. Additionally, if the initial offer falls short, candidates can inquire about median pay levels and ways to stand out within that framework.

Howell reminds job seekers that base pay is just one aspect of compensation, encouraging them to explore other elements like signing bonuses, performance-based bonuses, and equity during negotiations.

In a job market where wage growth has slowed post-pandemic, Howell’s approach provides a strategic roadmap for candidates seeking fair and competitive compensation.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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