NewsRadio Host Puts Atlanta Restaurant On Blast After Labeling Her As 'Darky'...

Radio Host Puts Atlanta Restaurant On Blast After Labeling Her As ‘Darky’ On Receipt

Radio Host Puts Atlanta Restaurant On Blast After Labeling Her As ‘Darky’ On ReceiptRadio host and gospel artist Darlene McCoy is calling out on an Atlanta restaurant in Buckhead that found it acceptable to label her as “darky” on her receipt.

McCoy went viral on Saturday, June 24 after posting a video testimonial about the “insensitive” encounter she had at Woody’s Cheesesteaks in Atlanta, Georgia. McCoy was offended after the cashier who took her order put her name as “Darky” instead of “Darlene” and refused to change it or give her a refund.
“When I placed my order and I told him my name….DARLENE…. he put DARKY on the ticket,” McCoy explained in her lengthy caption. ”

As I was paying I noticed my name DARKY and I asked him to change my name please.”
“He said “NO don’t worry about it I know it’s Darlene,’” she continued. “I asked him to give me my money back because I don’t want to be called DARKY….He said “No I don’t give refunds.”

The nationally syndicated radio host went on to explain how despite her skin tone being more fair skin, she is still a Black woman who knows she was just a victim of racism.
“Yes I know I’m light-Skinned… but everyday I am a black woman and I don’t appreciate being referenced as DARKY anywhere,” she wrote.
McCoy says the cashier was visibly upset after she confronted him, and shouted her name out when her order was ready.

“I got the order and he said “Don’t worry about that it was nothing,’” she wrote. “All I could say was…. you got the right one.”
The recording artist called on her followers to spread the word about Woody’s and reach out to them directly to question their actions. After sharing their address and telephone number, McCoy said she wouldn’t have taken her quarrel so far if the cashier was more apologetic.

McCoy, who is a regular on Fox 5 Atlanta, shared her plans to raise awareness about Woody’s treatment because she is “sick of racism” in this country. She shared a copy of the receipt in a separate post that confirmed she was labeled “Darky” by the cashier.

McCoy garnered support from her followers with one encouraging others to “make Woodys famous in the worse way.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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