NewsProject 2025 Seeks To Institute Fascism At The Federal Level

Project 2025 Seeks To Institute Fascism At The Federal Level

The Associated Press reported the right-wing Heritage Foundation and former Trump administration officials are putting together a playbook for either their former boss or another candidate who aligns with their ideals.

Mary Guy, a professor of public administration at the University of Colorado Denver, warns that their plans are a danger to democracy in general, telling the Associated Press, “It frightens me. We have a democracy that is at risk of suicide. Schedule F is just one more bullet in the gun.” 

The group sees presidential powers as broad and far-reaching, evidenced by their document’s diminishing of Congressional powers. The project even proposes to eliminate notifying Congress about the sale of arms to foreign powers. This view, however, is not shared by all conservative groups.

Phillip Wallach, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, sees the group’s plan as a bit unbelievable in their view of the powers of the president, telling the AP, “Some of these visions, they do start to just bleed into some kind of authoritarian fantasies where the president won the election, so he’s in charge, so everyone has to do what he says — and that’s just not the system the government we live under.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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