NewsPresident Biden's New Election Ad Targets Rural Black People

President Biden’s New Election Ad Targets Rural Black People

The Biden administration hopes to win back Black and Latino voters.

The advertisement, “History,” follows Patrick Brown, owner of Brown Family Farms in  North Carolina.

“Farms like mine are innovating and creating jobs in the community, and Joe Biden gets that,” Brown says in the one-minute video. “The Biden administration is building us the infrastructure that we need, expanding high-speed internet, investing in rural communities. To have a president that understands the value of what we do –  that means everything to me.”

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, campaign manager for President Biden and Vice President Harris, spoke to Spectrum News about their initiative for this upcoming campaign.

“We’re gonna continue to be aggressive in our outreach to Latino voters and remind them that President Biden and Vice President Harris continue to deliver and continue to fight for Latino families. And that the alternative and the choice that they have before them is between a President and the Vice President [who] are choosing to invest in Latinos and their families in their community, or the Republican field that’s continuing to demonize our community, that’s continuing to attack things like affordable healthcare and Social Security that our hardworking Latinos have paid into throughout their lifetimes,” the campaign manager said.

The ads arise amid concerns about polling as President Biden battles low approval ratings, even within his own party.

Gallup reports that, among Democratic constituents, Biden’s rating is 75%, the lowest in his presidency. The commander-in-chief has consistently polled at low rates among Republicans, with his current approval rating being 5% and his overall rating 37%. Additionally, a recent September poll from the New York Times and Siena College shows that fewer Black and Latino citizens support President Biden, which does not bode well for the election.

Similarly, Vice President Harris’ approval rating has witnessed a steady decline, with only 39% of registered voters viewing her favorably as of Oct. 24, the LA Times reports. Still, both President Biden and Vice President Harris have started their reelection campaign trail on the same promises as their initial bid.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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