NewsPowerball Refuses $350 Million Jackpot Winner Due To 'Mistake'

Powerball Refuses $350 Million Jackpot Winner Due To ‘Mistake’

John Cheeks is suing Powerball and the D.C. Lottery for withholding what he believes is his rightful earnings.

For days, the website showcased the numbers found on Cheek’s ticket, but the issue stemmed from the set of 7 not matching what was broadcasted. However, Cheeks only discovered this mishap went he went to turn in his ticket, which had none of the winning numbers present.

Cheeks then went to present his case to the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming prize center, who also denied him the cash. The ticket was deemed so worthless by the center that he was told to trash it.

“’Hey, this ticket is no good. Just throw it in the trash can,’” remembered Cheeks of the employee’s words. “And I gave him a stern look. I said, ‘In the trash can?’ ‘Oh yeah, just throw it away. You’re not gonna get paid. There’s a trash can right there.’”

Despite Cheek’s quest to be the jackpot’s rightful winner, the Powerball continued to rise to $754.6 million before a new winner was announced on Feb. 6. His lawyer remains adamant that something must be done to give his client some semblance of justice for the website error.

His lawyer said, “Even if a mistake was made, the question becomes: What do you do about that?”

Cheeks continues to keep the ticket in a safe compartment as the lawsuit is underway.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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