NewsPopular Oakland Barbecue Spot Set To Shut Down

Popular Oakland Barbecue Spot Set To Shut Down

Horn Barbecue, owned by Matt Horn, caught fire in November of last year and has been closed ever since.

An Oakland barbecue restaurant has been shut down after a destructive fire damaged the structure and vandals destroyed what was left of it beginning in November of last year. 

Horn continued to report that the already damaged structure was “compromised by unauthorized individuals living in and coming in and out.”

He said, “Significant structural damage with the piping and electrical systems being stripped, our shipping container being vandalized, along with continuous theft and crime in the vicinity.”

Horn admitted that even a van left on the property was not spared by the vandals who moved in.

“Additionally, our van was not spared; it was stripped of its engine and left significantly damaged.”

As a result, Horn has decided that reopening at the Oakland location is no longer feasible for staff members. 

He explained, “These occurrences, each an ordeal on their own, collectively have created an environment that, at this point, is untenable for us to operate in safely and effectively.”

Thankfully, Horn expressed interest in opening another location for his barbecue restaurant and has already begun searching for another space with money raised in donations.

“We can’t wait for the day when we can once again share our barbecue and express our gratitude in person.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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