NewsPoll Approval Ratings Reveal Americans Like Harris Over Biden

Poll Approval Ratings Reveal Americans Like Harris Over Biden

Vice President Harris is beating out Old Joe in the polls in terms of approval.

A new poll proves Americans are feeling Vice President Kamala Harris over President Joe Biden – but not by much.

Patrick Murray of the Monmouth University Polling Institute says much of the data comes from Americans still living in the high prices faced post-COVID days, but there is some truth to it. “The Biden administration keeps touting their infrastructure investments and a host of positive economic indicators,” Murray said.

“Those data points may be factual, but most Americans are still smarting from higher prices caused by post-pandemic inflation. This seems to be what’s driving public opinion. There is political danger in pushing a message that basically tells people their take on their own situation is wrong.”

Publicly, Harris and Biden don’t seem too worried about the low approval numbers as their eyes are still on staying in the Oval Office. The country’s first female VP has constantly defended her boss, most recently against former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who attacked Biden’s negotiating skills at a conference.

“With all due respect, when anyone who has had the experience McCarthy just had, I don’t think he’s a judge of negotiations,” Harris said.

Biden claims he doesn’t pay much attention to the polls, either.

But behind closed doors, a different narrative is being painted. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, Biden held a meeting with top aides to inquire what they were going to do about the numbers. According to Daily Mail, both Biden and First Lady Jill have been concerned for months, but since the numbers haven’t budged in weeks, things have gotten tense.

Source: Black Enterprise


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