NewsPepsi Dig In Continues Uplifting Black Restauranteurs At Honeyland Festival

Pepsi Dig In Continues Uplifting Black Restauranteurs At Honeyland Festival

The platform dedicated to uplifting Black-owned restaurants continues its mission through the Honeyland Festival.

Honeyland Festival was developed as a first-of-its-kind experience in Sugarland, TX to showcase music, culinary achievement, and Black creativity in all forms. In its partnership with the inaugural event, Pepsi curated its own park within the space to celebrate Black culture, while also further supporting restaurant vendors to be at Honeyland.

At Pepsi Park, Honeyland attendees were introduced to the Dig In Reunion House, a hub to congregate by playing games such as spades and dominoes while honoring the journey of Black-owned restaurants. Pepsi Dig In also sponsored one restauranteur by covering the overhead costs to participate at Honeyland, all to increase profits that lead to their business expansion.

The recipient, Sianni Dean of Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls, spoke with BLACK ENTERPRISE about how Pepsi Dig In and her presence at Honeyland boosted her success. Dean recently won a Vegas Residency at MGM Resorts for her gourmet desserts as a Top Voted Black-owned restaurant.

Dean continued, speaking on how Dig In’s impact has changed the trajectory of her business so that her vision of success is on the path to fruition.

“I think it is one thing to just throw money at a business, but Pepsi Dig In is actually coming in the back end to show us how to set our infrastructure to really be able to build up…Our long-term goal is to eventually franchise, so when we can have everything on the [foundation] together, everything else going up is going to be fine.”

To continue this support beyond Honeyland, Pepsi Dig In has also expanded the opportunity for vendors on the grounds to participate in their Black Restaurants Deliver program. The free 8-week program provides expert consulting to digitally optimize these businesses to boost their search presence and online sales as part of its ongoing quest to ensure Black restaurants continue the thrive, even as the food industry evolves.

More information on Pepsi Dig In and their latest endeavors to support Black restauranteurs can be found on their website.

Source: Black Enterprise


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