CultureNik Cole believes The Speak Easy Detroit helps people heal

Nik Cole believes The Speak Easy Detroit helps people heal

Nik Cole, founder of The Speak Easy Detroit: Storyteller’s Edition, is playing a key role in The Takeover, a party with a purpose being held on Dec. 21. Alongside friends Jennifer Peeples of The Perfect 10 Mixology Service and Kenzie Current of What’s The Current, they are hosting the event for the fifth year, with proceeds going to The Detroit Boys Mentoring Club. This year, the party is being held at the Black-owned, woman-owned bar called the Lockeroom, bringing a new energy to the event.
Through The Speak Easy Detroit, Nik aims to create a comfortable environment where Black and Brown communities can share their stories and find support.What is your role in The Takeover?
I’m a chef based out of Detroit, where I was born and raised. I also have another organization called SpeakEasy Detroit, which is a storytelling event that I created. Two of my good friends who have companies and I have decided to come together for the fifth year and host a party with a purpose. This year, we’re donating the money to an organization that mentors young boys.What’s different this year?
This year, we’re moving to a new venue. It’s a Black-owned, woman-owned bar here in Detroit called the Lockeroom that has been around for about 30 years. She acquired the bar about four or five years ago. It’s great that we get to partner with her this year. You can expect the same energy but maybe even higher since we’re changing venues from where we’ve been for the past four years. We’re thrilled to see each other and use the money to do something good for someone else.
What inspired your brand, The Speak Easy Detroit?
This past October marked our seventh year of doing this event. The Speakeasy Detroit is a storytelling event where real people share stories about the human experience. As a chef, I always incorporate food and music into the event. After each event, we use most of the proceeds to pay it forward. I’m always excited to give back and hear people share their stories, which can help others get through their challenges.
As the chef, are you doing any specialty dishes?
The Lockeroom has a food truck, which is also exciting because otherwise, it would fall under my umbrella. I did opt to let them do the food because it’s just easier. It’s also a win-win situation for the bar. They get the food and some money from the spirits, and then we get to use some of the proceeds from the drinks.
Why should Black and Brown communities tell their stories?
In the Black community, we often don’t share enough. Through SpeakEasy Detroit, people share their stories publicly, and it feels like a family reunion. It creates a comfortable environment where you can approach someone, start a conversation and find resources to make things better.

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