NewsNicole Gibbons Is On A Mission To Build A Billion-Dollar Paint Brand

Nicole Gibbons Is On A Mission To Build A Billion-Dollar Paint Brand

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Nicole Gibbons is painting her own picture of entrepreneurial success.

Clare’s $2 million seed round saw investments from Warby Parker backer First Round Capital and Bullish, an investor in Peloton, and Harry’s razors. Warby Parker cofounder Jeff Raider and Harry’s cofounder Andy Katz-Mayfield also participated. “I’ve raised in total $12 million,” Gibbons said. “That’s like Sherwin Williams’ cafeteria budget, probably.”

Clare’s site offers customers a simple experience where she recommends the best supplies suitable for their interior design needs through a series of questions. Clare customers can test peel-and-stick samples for their walls. Collections include paint brushes, primers, and other tools for beginners and paint experts.
Gibbons’ company is not as high in demand as it was during the pandemic. However, she still reaps the benefits of the brand awareness she received at the time.

The current focus for Clare, which has around eight full-time employees, is growing sustainably. Gibbons is seeking distribution partnership deals to get her paint onto store shelves and expand into new accessory categories.

Prices for Clare supplies have currently increased due to inflation.

Source: Black Enterprise


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