NewsNC Woman Arrested For Allegedly Fatally Stabbing Sister, 10

NC Woman Arrested For Allegedly Fatally Stabbing Sister, 10

Kaneijah Bradley has several other outstanding charges that she’s awaiting court appearances for.

Kaneijah, the 22-year-old sibling of the child, was suspected to be the culprit, according to the sheriff’s office.

She was arrested and remanded to Halifax County jail with no bond. Although the motive for the stabbing hasn’t been specified, Kaneijah has been arrested in the past for being involved in a stabbing. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend in April of last year and was later charged with inflicting serious injury and larceny of a motor vehicle in her escape from the scene. Her boyfriend told police that while he and Kaneijah were driving, she suddenly drew a box cutter and began slashing him. When he got out of the car to get away from her, Kaneijah drove off and left him bleeding on the side of the road. She was found later covered in blood with the box cutter still on her person.

In another unrelated incident, Kaneijah was arrested and charged with “simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon against a law enforcement official, and resisting an officer.”

She’s set to appear in court for her most recent charge on Jan. 25 and another a few days later for the April incident. In February, she has one court appearance for her other outstanding charges.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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