NewsNBA Fans Are Heckling Players After Losing Bets At Games

NBA Fans Are Heckling Players After Losing Bets At Games

Heckling by fans over losing bets has NBA teams and players concerned for their safety on the court.

While the expansion of sports gambling has led to millions in profits, a growing downside lies within the spectatorship at games. A looming issue of fans heckling players over their lost bets is causing some concern, especially in the NBA.

Trash-talking at NBA games is as prevalent between the players as among fans. However, attendees are now veering into verbal abuse toward coaches and players due to losing money over certain stats. Access to sports gambling sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel allows those in the stands to make bets constantly. Incorporating more wagers, and even parlays that rely on multiple wagers at once, allows for fans to witness if they won big in the midst of the action.

However, when fans don’t get their pay-off, the insults start to fly with players taking notice to the uptick in verbal assaults.

“It’s getting outrageous,” said LA Clippers forward P.J. Tucker, as reported by The Athletic. “It’s getting kind of crazy. Even in the arenas, hearing fans yelling at guys about their bets. It’s unreal. It’s a problem. I think it’s something that’s got to be addressed.”

Regardless of the increased awareness of fans’ frustration with failed wagers, the NBA has yet to make new provisions to combat the problem. Despite this, franchises have taken matters into their own hands. The publication reported that some teams increased security detail along their benches at games. Others even beefed up cybersecurity to protect players from the online hate.

Although players try to shrug it off, there is another concern that it impacts their performance. One player felt like a “prop” only if he makes those in the crowd money.

“To half the world, I’m just helping them make money on DraftKings or whatever,” shared Indiana Pacers’ guard Tyrese Haliburton to a reporter last month. “I’m a prop.“

However, the relationship between betting and professional sports leagues like the NBA is not slowing anytime soon. With more franchises and tournaments launching in Las Vegas, the seemingly symbiotic move must address its downfalls before the heckling becomes an uncontrollable problem.

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