NewsMyHR Partner Founder Predicts Top Anticipated Workforce Adaptations In 2024

MyHR Partner Founder Predicts Top Anticipated Workforce Adaptations In 2024

Hamilton called upon her extensive knowledge from her human resources outsourcing firm, which was called one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces this year, to advise the current workforce for the future. 

Hamilton began by predicting that there would be big changes to the dynamics of the workplace next year, citing the big jumps in technique and globalization as the cause of this new expected adaptation. She expects that companies will be pushed by the concept of sustainability, implementing policies of renewable energy, eco-friendly production, and implicit environmental waste responsibility.

In the same vein of climate change alterations, Hamilton suspects that the role of government at local, state, and federal levels will become more involved in the workforce. She explained, “Policymakers must proactively address the evolving needs of the workforce, implement regulations that protect workers’ rights, support retraining initiatives, and promote diversity and inclusion.”

This increased level of collaboration will help to bridge the gap between public and private sectors of businesses, which will help to foster an environment that allows for both innovation and, furthermore, a sustainable avenue for big economic growth. 

With a greater emphasis on “gig economy” which will include “platforms facilitating freelancing and short-term projects…offering individuals flexibility and diverse income streams” companies will be more likely to look for broader global talents to bolster their internal workforce. According to Hamilton, this will help companies to create more diverse, but equally as skilled, teams. 

In regards to hiring processes and the format of how business days will likely go, Hamilton explained that it would be largely dictated by Artificial Intelligence and automated data analytics program, and as more and more of the process becomes artificial, companies will be looking for applicants with critical thinking, creativity, and high EQ to hire.

On an everyday basis, she told the outlet that remote work would become more common as companies shift to a more flexible option for employees to work with. Hamilton added that “the hybrid approach combines the flexibility of remote work with the benefits of in-person collaboration.”

Source: Black Enterprise

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