NewsMother Seeks Help To Prevent Deportation Of Haitian Adopted Son

Mother Seeks Help To Prevent Deportation Of Haitian Adopted Son

Rebekah Hubley, a desperate mother from Indiana is fighting USCIS to prevent them from deporting her adopted son of 12 years, who has cerebral palsy.

The mother wrote to Newsweek, “How low can we get as a government agency? This has to be rock bottom for immigration, that you could threaten to deport a profoundly disabled child who has been legally adopted for 13 years by two law-abiding U.S. citizens. And you can just throw around your power and threaten deportation.” 

“It’s unconscionable. It’s disgusting that it’s happening. Is that who we are as a nation? Asking him to [voluntarily leave] is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.”

Hubley passionately continued, “How can you deport someone to a country that you have a level four travel warning on? You’ve deemed it completely unsafe, you’ve closed your embassies. You’ve pulled all of your workers out of the country and told Americans to leave, but you’re threatening to deport a profoundly disabled child back to this country? None of this makes any logical sense, whatsoever. None of it. Hollywood would not even take a script like this because it’s so preposterous.”

The USCIS request included a requirement for Hubley to show proof of adoption documents and to show that she’s had physical custody of her son for 2 years. The USCIS revealed that they denied his citizenship because Hubley didn’t provide adequate physical evidence after only submitting school records.

When nothing else was working, Hubley posted an open letter to President Joe Biden on Facebook. She begged the president to “intervene on his behalf to help Jonas [become] a lawful citizen of this great nation.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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