NewsMother Arrested After Child Found With Gunshot Wound

Mother Arrested After Child Found With Gunshot Wound

Arieana Scott’s 4-year-old son is in critical condition after the child gained access to an illegal firearm modified with a “Glock switch.”

Authorities arrested 22-year-old Arieana Scott after an investigation found her young son obtained an illegally modified handgun. The child is in critical condition at a local hospital.

According to WBRZ, Scott, who has been booked into East Baton Rouge Prison, faces multiple charges, including improper parental supervision of a minor, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession with intent to distribute Schedule I narcotics, possession of a firearm in proximity to controlled substances and possession of a machine gun.

The arrest affidavit revealed the mother claimed she was in her bedroom when a loud noise went off inside the home. She disregarded it and went back to sleep. She called out for her child shortly after she woke up, but the boy was unresponsive, lying in a pool of blood.

In her initial statement, Scott denied any knowledge of the handgun’s presence due to her prior felonious record. However, under persistent interrogation, she ultimately confessed that the firearm had been in her bedroom closet. She was reportedly puzzled as to how her child obtained it.

Morse said his team of officers were the first on the scene and started rendering medical aid as soon as they found the child in the bed, working until EMTs arrived.

Source: Black Enterprise


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