NewsMonica Vents About Being 'The Most Forgotten' Artist In The Industry

Monica Vents About Being ‘The Most Forgotten’ Artist In The Industry

Monica might be celebrated by R&B fans, but the singer feels like she’s one of “the industry’s most forgotten” artists.

The “Boy Is Mine” singer was recently a guest on LeBron James’ “The Shop’s Uninterrupted Live Tour” in Atlanta, where she shared how she’s been able to “enjoy” her three decade-long career despite feeling overlooked during award season.
“I was able to really enjoy my career because I didn’t have any expectations,” she said.

“I was not looking at stats, I was not worried about awards. I’m actually a person that for all the records I’ve broken, I really have never won any awards. I’m really the most forgotten, if you think about it.”

Monica shared that she feels like she’s often forgotten, and sometimes the underdog when it comes to the industry. Nonetheless, she said she’s been able to enjoy her career because she doesn’t focus on expectations.
A talented grammy award winning R&B legend with hits.

She described herself as an “underdog” in the music industry who can get booked to host an award show but won’t take home any for herself.

“I sit very comfortably in it because I can still go where I want, do what I want, live how I want,” she explained. “But when I say that, I am often forgotten; I was hosting the Soul Train Awards, was nominated for five, three of my songs in one category and still lost. But I went out to eat and kicked my regular s**t after.”
Since mainstream fame and awards were never Monica’s goal for making music, she’s been able to enjoy her life while getting paid to do what she loves.

“I was not bothered because that’s not what I do it for,” she said. “That is really my point when I say that oftentimes I’m forgotten in those spaces.”

“You will never be forgotten Monica!” one fan wrote.
“Sis don’t care about that because she can still live a beautiful luxurious life and take care of her family,” added someone else.

Source: Black Enterprise


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