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Mike Todd Tackles The ‘Spit That Hit The Fan’ And Childhood Trauma In New Book

Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is getting real in his new book “Damaged But Not Destroyed: From Trauma to Triumph.”

Not only does the New York Times best-selling author address his infamous sermon where he rubbed spit in his brothers’ eyes, but he shares more about his past childhood sexual abuse for the first time to inspire those walking through similar paths of healing.
Todd has become nationally known for his innate ability to make messages of faith relevant and accessible to people from all walks of life, “right where they’re at.” However, his performative approach to preaching has often made him a viral sensation and the receiver of fierce backlash.

“I just feel a burden to encourage people that there is still value in them,” he told BLACK ENTERPRISE.
“No matter what has happened, no matter how hard it’s been, no matter where you have felt like you’ve taken a step back, there is a version of you that you haven’t met yet and you can’t quit now, that you may be damaged, but you are not destroyed, the value is still in you.”

The book introduces some of Todd’s original spirit-based terminology like “H.O.T,” which stands for (humble, open and transparent) and explains his belief in religious theology as well as therapy. Through his candid reflection on his past, Todd underlines his core message of moving past the “damage” in life to fulfill our destinies.

“I just went there. Before you get out of the first chapter, you going to be like, ‘OK, like that we going there,’” he said.
“Because I think that if I went first, it may give somebody else the courage to actually dive into the things that have happened in their life, in their childhood, in their teenage years, in their college years, in their adulting life to be able to really know that.”
Pastor Mike’s inspiration for this book stems from a rare place of vulnerability where he opens up about his past childhood sexual abuse for the first time in hopes of resonating with those walking through similar paths of healing.

The newly released book aims to serve as a pathway to transformation for anyone, and everyone. But especially for our Black men.
“This book is going to help everybody. I especially want you to help me share this message with Black men,” he said.
“I think that our community as well as our world would be better if we gave men permission to deal with their damage.”
Todd is also dabbling back into his start as a music producer and has new music with the release of “Transformation Worship.” The group’s songs, “Most High,” and the fan favorite, “Most High,” have already become viral hits.
Next up for Pastor Mike, is a children’s book written with his daughter Isabella called “A Cup of Love.” The new family book explains the importance of Mommy and Daddy going on date nights and he revealed the cover in our sit down. Press play below for the full interview.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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