NewsMichelle Obama Says - Again

Michelle Obama Says – Again

How many times does she have to say it?

Democrats have been calling on Obama to play a bigger role in politics, but in a statement from her office, her team confirms Obama is placing politics behind her but is supporting her friends’ campaign. 

“As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” Crystal Carson, director of communications, said. “Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.”

According to a senior advisor on Biden’s team, there have been conversations with the Obama family on campaign engagements, including being involved with her “When We All Vote” voter registration group, promoting organized turnout and closing the registration gap between young voters and people of color. 

Mrs. Obama’s announcement isn’t just hurting Democratic voters but Republican officeholders as well. According to The Hill, GOP leaders such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and failed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy publicly pushed the narrative that Obama was set to replace Biden on the upcoming ballots – without any evidence. But some Republican-leaning voters seem happy that Obama’s name won’t appear. 

Following her announcement, a voter from Texas reacted to the news on Fox, saying, “Thank God. Yes!” Seeking a reaction from a woman ahead of the March 5 primaries, the voter doubled down on her response, claiming she wouldn’t vote for a woman regardless. “I wouldn’t vote for a woman. And especially, you know, Nikki Haley, I’m just going to say this: she’s probably menopausal,” she said. 

“We don’t need that.”

Most recently, as a guest on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, Barack’s wife said the upcoming election results keep her up at night. “Our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit – it affects us in ways that sometimes I think people take for granted,” she told Shetty. “I am terrified about what could possibly happen.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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