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Melle Mel Charged With Felony Domestic Violence After Honoring Hip Hop At BET Awards

Rap pioneer Melle Mel of the legendary Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was arrested hours after his BET Awards performance for alleged domestic violence.

“Mele Mel Glover arrest by #LAPD for hitting me in my eye decision to go to jail instead of helping me get to the hospital,” she captioned her Instagram post.

“He sucker punched me in my eye #MeleMel.”
The video shows Jordon crying while Melle Mel is being handcuffed inside his hotel room. Jordon is accusing him of hitting her in the eye and tells him that he should’ve taken her to the hospital.

In a separate Facebook video, Jordon reportedly claimed that the rapper hit her in the left eye that was previously “injured” a month ago after she was hit by a car door and required surgery. Jordon says she was in his hotel room having drinks and suggested the two become intimate and started looking through music when Melle Mel allegedly hit her in the eye.

“I’m just sitting there, chillin,’” she said in the clip. “Next thing you know, this man just goes ‘whack’ with four rings on his finger and hits me in my eye.”
“He popped one of my stitches, so there’s a hole in my eye,” she added.

But once he asked her to leave, that’s when he claims she started holding her eye and asked him to go with her to the hospital. He says he declined and encouraged her to call the police to escort her to the hospital.
He says once police arrived, Jordon claimed he hit her in the eye. He was arrested and sent to Los Angeles County Jail. According to the “White Lines” rapper, everything would’ve been “fine” if he just went to the hospital with Jordon.
“It’s very simple,” he said. “She said I punched her in the eye. She also said she had eye surgery a month ago. Had I punched her in the eye, especially with rings on, she would have had a cut eye. It would have been way worse.”
“Something did happen to her eye, but I did not punch her,” he added. “With me tussling with her and trying to get her away from me to get her out of the room, something happened.”
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Source: Black Enterprise


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