NewsMeet the Self-Taught Black Data Scientist Building Robot AI Smart Homes

Meet the Self-Taught Black Data Scientist Building Robot AI Smart Homes

Nationwide — Anade Davis is a 37-year-old African American Data Scientist with over 15 years of real estate experience. He started his career in AI working with Robots & Data Science with IBM back in 2018 and is now the founder of AI Smart Homes where he and his team of architects and engineers are developing some of the most high-tech homes to ever have been made.

Anade, who has also worked with the likes of Chegg and The World Data Science Institute, studied Digital Technology at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, NYC. He comments, “We are launching 24 one-of-a-kind high-tech smart homes infused with AI technology. We are using Construction Engineering & Artificial Intelligence to build AI solar-powered smart homes, and we are building the future living experience!”

His team is using modern advanced construction technology such as robot 3D printers to get these solar-powered houses built fast and they include Smart Surfaces, AI Appliances, Robot Assistants, and Advanced Electronics.

Anade adds, “Building a home can take around seven days, but we have developed a strategy to build fully equipped smart homes in 90 days or less. We use innovative construction techniques that can build houses as fast as possible with the highest quality material as possible at an attainable cost that benefits developers, investors, and future homeowners.”

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