NewsMattel Honors Venus Williams As A Barbie Role Model

Mattel Honors Venus Williams As A Barbie Role Model

Exclusive content featuring the Barbie Role Model tennis icon will be released across social and digital channels.

As part of Barbie’s 65th anniversary, tennis legend Venus Williams has been honored with her very own one-of-a-kind “role model doll.”

Mattel unveiled the collection of sports icons on May 22, aiming to inspire young girls to purposefully pursue their passions. The doll, meticulously crafted in Williams’ likeness, depicts the Grand Slam champion donning a pristine white tennis dress, complemented by a matching visor and hoop earrings, while gripping a tennis racket.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always been driven by the idea of shattering glass ceilings and staying true to myself, and Barbie’s mission couldn’t resonate more deeply with that ethos,” Williams said in a press release from Mattel. “I’m honored to be recognized as a sports role model and join forces with Team Barbie to continue empowering the next generation of young girls to never stop believing in their dreams.”

Krista Berger, senior vice president of Barbie and global head of dolls at Mattel, emphasized the profound impact of sports in fostering self-confidence, ambition, and empowerment among the next generation. “By shining a light on these inspirational athletes and their stories, we hope to champion the belief that every young girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her passions and turn her dreams into reality,” Berger said.

Mattel lauded Williams not only for her four Olympic gold medals but for being “the first woman in tennis to earn equal prize money at Wimbledon.” Williams, the company said, “has courageously persevered through countless obstacles to inspire social change within tennis and the sports industry at large.”

In conjunction with Walmart, exclusive content featuring the Barbie Role Model tennis icon will be released across social and digital channels. Barbie displays will be featured in stores nationwide under the theme “65 Years of Inspiration, Dreams Made Here,” accompanied by new products spanning toys, apparel, accessories, sporting goods, and food and beverage.

Joining Williams in this esteemed collection are eight other remarkable female athletes including Canadian soccer player Christine Sinclair, Australian football player Mary Fowler, French boxer Estelle Mossley, and Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno.

Source: Black Enterprise

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