NewsMan Gets 50 Years In Jail For Poisoning Baby With Antifreeze

Man Gets 50 Years In Jail For Poisoning Baby With Antifreeze

Curtis Jack admitted that he willfully poisoned the newborn child after urging the mother to terminate her pregnancy.

However, upon feeding the child, the caretakers soon noticed her severe reaction to the milk. They took her to the hospital the next day, where she tested positive for having ethylene glycol in her system. The chemical, found in automotive antifreeze, can cause damage to one’s brain, lungs, and kidneys. The injuries can also lead to organ failure and death, according to Medline Plus.

An investigation prompted by the South Fulton police soon pointed to Jack as the suspect, with an arrest warrant issued. While detained, Jack admitted to the crime. He also disclosed that he urged for the mother, who he met as his co-worker, to terminate the pregnancy.

The child did survive the poisoning, and is now three years old. Her biological father’s trial ended in a guilty conviction by the jury following testimonies from her family members. Medical experts also appeared on the stand to speak on the poisoning and how “easy” it was to commit. South Fulton police released a statement thanking the District Attorney Fani WIllis for “obtaining justice” on behalf of the child.

“A special thanks to Madam Fani Willis and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in obtaining justice for the victim and her mother,” the department wrote.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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