NewsLSU's Angel Reese Tries To Calm Coach After Ejection

LSU’s Angel Reese Tries To Calm Coach After Ejection

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

“Me and coach Mulkey have similar personalities in we like to win no matter the score”

In a blowout victory for the Louisiana State University women’s basketball team over the weekend, a rare incident saw Angel Reese trying to calm down her coach after the coach was ejected from the basketball game.

According to The Daily Advertiser, in the 45-point blowout victory for the LSU Tigers, with a few minutes left in the game, Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey had to be restrained after getting heated about a call against junior forward Aneesah Morrow. Mulkey can be seen on the court yelling at the official, Timothy Green, as LSU’s star player, Angel Reese, is viewed trying to calm her coach down. Mulkey was ejected, and Reese approached her coach and said some things, even trying to grab her to get her to leave the court after being thrown out of the game.
Although there were literally minutes left in the game and the game had already been decided against the Northwestern State Demons, Mulkey reacted as if the game was tied; the ball was taken away from her team, and an uncalled foul took place that may have tied the game. The intensity the coach displayed reminds us of Reese’s court play.

Angel Reese tried to hold back Kim Mulkey after being ejected ❌

After the game, during the press conference, Mulkey defended herself for disputing the call but also stated that by her reaction, the official made the right call.

“He did the right thing; I’m not questioning that. In fact, I think I helped him. I said, ‘I’m not leaving you, you better toss me,’ or something like that,” Mulkey stated. “It was like he had no choice. But I appreciate officials that know what you’re trying to do out there. I don’t appreciate bad calls but it’s part of coaching.”
Reese also spoke about going to try to calm down Mulkey during the heat of the action.

“Me and coach Mulkey have similar personalities in we like to win no matter the score,” Reese said. “Of course, she’s going to fight for us, and we all fight for her. That moment was fun, and we knew she had our back, and we had her back.”
The Tigers won the game, 81-36, making it the team’s 11th straight victory.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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