Lifestyle'Love Letters to Washington, DC' Highlights Cultural Innovators, Resilience

‘Love Letters to Washington, DC’ Highlights Cultural Innovators, Resilience

Brian Rashid’s “Love Letters to Washington, DC.” is a beautiful celebration of D.C.’s culture, creativity, strength and resilience. Featuring the stories of Keyonna Jones founder of Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center, Tsion Tekie of Kidovation Stage, Colleen Shumaker of Finding the Fantastic, Dryy Garment Care’s Ken Sandy, and Balmore Art’s Andrew S. Jacobson (who also writes for The Washington Informer), the 11-minute film dives into the lives of cultural innovators and curators working to make a difference in the District.

Birthed from a forced pandemic pivot that turned into a beautiful year for Rashid, “Love Letters” is a series celebrating cities around the world.

“In 2020 I went down to Uruguay in South America, with the plan of being there for one month, and the week before my flight back to New York City, the airport closed because of the pandemic and I was there for one year. And at the end of the year, I wrote a love letter to the country of Uruguay that had been so kind to me,” Rashid said. 

While he decided to post his love letter to Uruguay on Instagram, he had no idea it would go viral – resonating with hundreds of thousands around the world. 

“I thought, ‘If this is the impact one letter can have, what would happen if we turn this into an actual global movement,’” Rashid explained.

He began the “‘Love Letters’ documentary series in his home, New York City, the place he said has always had his “heart and soul.”

Rashid tapped entrepreneur Sandy to help with the Washington, D.C. film.

“I’ve been down every street in this city, I’ve lived in every pocket, and I just can’t imagine why we’re still so divided,” Sandy proclaimed. “I don’t have the secret sauce, I don’t even know what… I’m doing other than leading with my heart and passion.”

The Dryy Garment Care founder said he is inspired by the Washingtonians he’s met, not only inspiring him to give back, and create opportunities in the District, but to continue fighting for equity overall in the nation’s capital.

“I met some of the most incredible … people in this city, doing some of the dopest [things] on the planet,” Sandy said. “They experience adversity every single day, and are stronger and more resilient than most of us,” he continued, “and wake up with a smile and lead with the most incredible charge.”

Source: Washington Informer


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