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Lil Wayne said Lakers should get rid of Anthony Davis to win title (video)

Lil Wayne, a longtime fan of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, opined that the team needs to ship Anthony Davis out in order to procure another championship trophy.
The rap icon made the scathing statements during his weekly visit to the FS1 sports talk show, “Undisputed,” opposite Skip Bayless, Michael Irving and Keyshawn Johnson.“Anthony Davis, I’ma keep it real. If you ask me if the Lakers want to be a championship team in the future as well, you gotta get rid of AD,” he said.
When Bayless asked Wayne to elaborate on why the Lakers need to trade AD, Wayne retorted simply, “Because he AD. Plain and simple.”

It has become a sport in itself to criticize AD’s proclivity to get injured and sit out long stretches of games every year. While hesitant to call AD “soft,” Wayne said he just doesn’t see AD working out long-term for the Lakers.
“Because that’s his make-up and that’s who he is. He’s shown us that and I guess the only time he hasn’t shown us that is New Orleans and the bubble championship,” he continued. “Get rid of him and get some good players. We don’t even need a superstar.”
Rapper Cam’ron was not as judicious with his words as Lil Wayne was when it came to AD. Earlier this year, Cam ripped into AD for his alleged lack of off-season workouts and preparation. 
“Get it together in the offseason, how about that?” Cam said in March. “You always hurt. You ain’t play 82 games yet. I think you played 82 games never in 15 seasons, 12 seasons, however many f—–g seasons you been here.
“Mind you, LeBron is spending $2.5 million on his body, pause, in the offseason to make sure he’s in shape. Meanwhile, you can’t do s— but grow a unibrow.”

Source: Rolling Out


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