NewsLil Uzi Is Over Rap, Wants To Make Women's Clothes Instead

Lil Uzi Is Over Rap, Wants To Make Women’s Clothes Instead

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

The rapper recently told fans that the next project being released, “Luv Is Rage 3,” will be his last.

Some rappers, while they are in the prime of their career, never think it’s truly going to end.

Not Lil Uzi Vert, who told fans that the next project being released, Luv Is Rage 3, will be his last. While out on the town, TMZ questioned the rapper about immediate plans, and Lil Uzi said he wants to “make women’s clothes” in the future.
“I love making music, but I don’t really wanna make music like that no more,” Lil Uzi told the TMZ journalist.

When asked what he would do if he’s not recording songs, Lil Uzi responded, “I wanna make women’s clothes.” This apparently is not a big stretch since “I(‘ve) been working in the office in my house,” he told TMZ. 
He reportedly lives with his girlfriend, fellow recording artist JT from the Miami group City Girls. When asked if she would be involved, he said that she has her own thing going on.

Complex reported that two months ago, while on a stop in Chicago during his Pink Tape Tour (in support of his current project, Pink Tape) he told the audience of his plans that Luv Is Rage 3 will be the last recorded project.

“I was gonna wait ’til later to say it, but, you know, I’m dropping Luv Is Rage 3, and Luv Is Rage 3 will be my last album. After Luv Is Rage 3, I guess I will go on another tour. … But after that, I wanna try to live a normal life.”

After that, the next chapter of Lil Uzi’s career awaits. 

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Source: Black Enterprise


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