NewsLegendary Rapper Gives Birth To Baby Boy True Legend

Legendary Rapper Gives Birth To Baby Boy True Legend

Rapper Da Brat and her wife Jesseca are happy following the birth of their son True Legend

Photo Credit: Da Brat’s official Facebook page

The couple used In Vitro Fertilization to conceive the baby, taking an egg from Jesseca Harris-Dupart and sperm from an anonymous donor. In March, the couple did a gender reveal for the baby where it was revealed that the child was a boy. Recently the pair shared photos of a Minion-themed baby shower, calling the baby their little minion to various social media platforms. Before this success, Da Brat had to have a surgery to remove fibroids and polyps prior to the surgery to transfer Jesseca’s fertilized egg into her body. According to the University of Michigan, fibroids often affect Black women at much higher rates and with more severity than they affect white women. The exact reasons for these disparities remain unclear. Black women usually have to get invasive procedures for benign diseases, such as Da Brat’s surgery, something that researcher Erica Marsh says is concerning. “Our research suggests that many women are likely undiagnosed. Fibroids are a prevalent condition that cause significant distress, and those who live with it often feel isolated, alone and in pain. It’s not acceptable for women to suffer and not know their options. We need to improve uterine fibroid awareness and education among all populations.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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