NewsLeBron Says Bronny Is Just As Athletic As He Was At 19

LeBron Says Bronny Is Just As Athletic As He Was At 19

LeBron James has heard enough from casual fans who debate whether or not his son, LeBron “Bronny” Raymone James Jr., is athletically on the same scale as the 19-time NBA All-Star.

In a clip posted to Twitter/X by Famous Los, Bronny is seen doing his version of the one-handed Tomahawk slam, a dunk his father made synonymous with his name. Famous Los says in his post that the younger James is as athletic as his old man, saying, “Too say Bronny just as athletic or if not more than Bron was at his age isn’t wild! He’s doing this at 6’2, not 6’8.”
He ends his analysis with a shrug emoji.

Not long after, King James responded by quoting Famous Los’ post, saying, “Exactly!!! He’s definitely just as if not right there at his age. The casuals just like to argue about [doo doo emoji] they literally don’t know about.” 

In a June podcast episode of “Podcast P With Paul George,” NBA players and Los Angeles natives Paul George and DeMar DeRozan discussed the prospects of Bronny becoming an NBA player.
George, a perennial in the defensive player of the year conversation, said, “I got to watch him play in Vegas, he was playing right before my team played, and um, they was losing the game, but I just saw, I saw he got it, bro. He got it, he got all the s*** Bron got. High IQ, athletic, he make the right plays, he can shoot that s***. I was amazed.”

George also said that USC got a miniature version of LeBron and that he saw Bronny as elite, noting that he is a fan of the young James’ game.
In that same podcast, the pair discussed LeBron’s comments that his son was better than some NBA players. DeRozan, who also attended USC, where Bronny will be playing this fall, agreed with LeBron, saying, “We do got a lot of sorry MFs in this league, I’ma be honest.”

George chimed in, “No cap,” before DeRozan continued, “I’ma be completely honest with you, I’m the type of dude I keep my opinions to myself, I chill, I play the backseat. But being in the league so long, you realize how many MFs don’t love the game of basketball, who take it for granted, who feel so entitled, who just want everything that [comes] with it but don’t wanna put the work in. It’s so frustrating.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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